Friday, August 14, 2009


I decided to try my hand at some photoshop painting. I want to start doing more art-related things. Here is one of said things. I may work on a real watercolour now... I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. this is a scary beauty.
    I just ran into SHirley Greer at work, she was asking about you and sends her well wishes and cute smiles. god that woman is adorable. anyway she said shes going to google ya so i wonder if you can find this thru google?
    also, i still have your bday present im just slackass with mailing it. xoxoxo love ya face

    oh this is craig by the way

  2. This looks great Jill! Glad to see you're having fun! Just wondering if you ever mess around with the Shape Dynamics and the Other Dynamics settings on your brushes? It'll help you achieve some amazing thick and thin lines and allow for a taper at the end of your lines.

  3. That's a good idea. I've played with a lot more in illustrator than in photoshop at this point. I'm going to try some more stuff as soon as I get all this silly "moving into a new apartment" sorted out.

    I've been looking up and following tutorials, so I think if I keep that up, eventually I'll be a pro!

  4. Here's a good tutorial about pen pressure and the different brush settings that changed my world in photoshop! Check it'll love it:

  5. this link might work better:

    Maybe I need to find a tutorial about pasting links in blog comments! :P

  6. Thanks Crystal! That tutorial was great. I'm going to take it's advice and explore my brushes more. I didn't even know some of those options existed! =) Are you working on a mac or pc? I'm on a mac... I wonder if it's much different than the PC version?

    Also, I've been trying to PM you on facebook,but I can't seem to get to your profile. I was just looking for a sort of rundown of what you do at your job in the run of a day... sort of something to work towards, maybe? haha

    Thanks again!