Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gift

This was a painting I did for my sister and her family! I really liked it. It's a triptych. WOO!! Watercolour! WOO!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Asking for some advice.

Hello, All!

EDIT! I redid my bookcase- Here's the newer image! I worked on angles and trouble areas. Still kind of having trouble with trashcan?!

I'm not a master perspective-creator. So! I've been working on my 2 point perspective piece and so far, this is what I came up with. The instructions are as follows:

"A two-point perspective drawing of a four-shelf bookcase with a minimum of 12 items placed on the shelves. These items should be of various shapes and sizes and should demonstrate your knowledge of drawing cylinders, ellipses, ovals, rectangles, and squares in perspective. You must include a trashcan (circular cross-section) situated somewhere in the environment. Your drawing should fill the entire page."

How can I fulfill these requirements any better? Tips, hints, critiques?

One thing I JUST noticed and I am working on is the structure of the bookshelf, itself. One side is all out too far and crap. I'm working on fixing that now, so other than the entire bookcase itself, what else needs fixing?! haha

Thanks in advance!

Other than that, I've got roughs of 4 of my 6 character drawings, yay!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Man Alone

So I took a break from portfolio-work and I came up with this. I'm practicing my Photoshop painting, this is just the beginning!

I'll work on it more once I see what else I can do to it! Sketch on paper, then scanned, then coloured as a 'multiply' layer. Exciting!

Portfolio Work

I am working on my portfolio. I have compiled a batch of figure drawings I plan on using in my portfolio... Here are some examples!

My portfolio "to do" list now looks as follows:

-1 foot drawing (I'm just sticking with the rest that I have, but I feel I need one more that is a "toes-head-on view.)
-6 drawings of 3 characters (One of them sitting, the next of them in the midpoint between sitting and standing. This one proves difficult.)
-1 two-point perspective drawing of a bookcase with at least 12 items on it. (Showing my sickass skillz.)
-3 more thumbnails for said bookcase.
-1 self portrait in an environment that reflects my personality? Hard.
-5 random artworks... I'm probably just going to pick things I've already done, but selecting will be the hard part. Probably a book I've done, and then an oil painting... So much to think about.

If my portfolio does well, it could save me $12,000 (basically, this includes living/supplies/tuition etc.). BUT if it doesn't do well, that just means I get to do 3 years of school instead of just 2. YAY MORE SCHOOL! I love learning... so either way is a bonus. I just wish money wasn't such a huge issue. Anyway, wish me luck!