Friday, March 26, 2010

Asking opinions

Hello! So I'm working on a new body of work. The concept is very freeing for me. Any media, any size. The only criteria is that the imagery comes from a snippet of a comic idea. Some plan that I've had that I've never gotten around to creating into a full length story- or even just a scene that I thought would be awesome, but don't know anything about the plot. The images are turning out to be mostly one- two panels. I'm going to use text when I feel like it. (Unlike how I felt it was taboo in Uni. I'm letting myself be a little more free.)

Here are some examples. I'm looking for any constructive feedback or any thoughts on what they might be of. Or maybe even a story that comes to mind? Any comments are MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you!! <3

These two would be suspended by fishing line and connected by fishing line- with a space between of say- half an inch? I'm not sure if I want to attach the fishing line behind the images or through the corners. I would like to connect any other related images together in this way. Thoughts?


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flying Girl

Edit! Couple of sketches!

More practice with Photoshop. Used this image as a background reference.

It was done for the drawing jam! This week's theme is Dreams!