Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Book

Here is a sample from the new book I'm creating. The theme was "Texture" so I went with an old nightmare I had which was a zoo of monsters. I'm focusing on the different textures achievable by watercolours... My favorite is the one where you wet the page and then throw down colour... can't get enough!!

This is just one layer of 3, but I like it the best so far (since it's the only one I've gotten done, I suppose...). I just need to cut it up and do the other 2 layers and I'm laughin! =)

I'm considering doing the other layers in different media, but we'll see.

This photo doesn't show the colours as well, but it shows the detail a bit better...

This image shows the colour better, but was slightly blurry since I lost the part of my tripod that connects it to the camera... sigh!

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