Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So I had a trip to the oral surgeon today about my wisdom teeth. My appointment is confirmed for the end of April. That's fine. However, he told me that he's extracting ANOTHER tooth, my hidden canine. The one that's haunted my dreams since I was 12. The tooth that's embedded in the roof of my mouth. It will finally be gone, and not cause me any more problems! However, this means I will be missing one of my adult teeth. This also means that when my baby canine FINALLY decides to take a leap out of my mouth, I will have a gap. SURE there are falsies, but since I don't know anything about those, the thought terrifies me. Here is a watercolour of me without my baby tooth. Haha. FEAR!

I was thinking more and more about missing teeth. I have never seen a business person with a missing tooth. I feel like missing teeth can depict poverty, for if one has the money, one will have great teeth. Dentistry is so expensive, but also such a huge priority. So unfortunate. I'm awful at expressing my innermost thoughts, so here is a sketchity sketch.


  1. I wouldn't wonder if the baby tooth has held on this long it might not intend to come out at all!! And if it does, well they've come a long way with falsies. Alot of people in my family have falsies even in like singles on te front. Nothing to worry about deary, nothing at all.

  2. I know, I shouldn't be scared, cause if it happens soon, I'm partially covered by my work for a new tooth! (I think)... so yay! ...?? haha

    Also- that watercolour looks SO Much better in person... sometimes internet-ness KILLS me. haha

  3. I can never get a good scan. It never comes out looking as nice as it did in person. That being said you can still see the depth in your watercolour. Mine tend to lose that altogether when I scan them. Got any techniques I could try?

    And I love business suit you :) Such whimsy.

    No worries, this is a great thing! :) You'll have no more teeth problems. And falsies really can look good. I had a similar problem, so we were looking into it. They ended up pulling my baby teeth and re-arranging my mouth with braces to make my teeth fit. It worked on top, but my bottom tooth is hell. It went back the way it was, and I can't get my retainer on anymore. Also it was giving me migraines when I could still fit the retainer on. I'm actually not sure what's gonna happen.

  4. Well for watercolour techniques- What you CAN'T see, is that the colours I used are BRIGHT yellow with a bit of apricot colour, mauve for the shades and pinky red for my nose. With that photograph, (since it wouldn't fit in my scanner) you're only seeing a muted version of the whole thing. The depth is probably just coming from the fact that the original was so overboard with colour, that the muted version still carries a bit of that. Something that I COULD have done, and that you could do, would be to bump it a bit in photoshop. That program has some great colour solutions in the hue/saturation section, and all kinds of other alterations that can help it get back towards looking like it did before machinery totaled it.

    I hope all our teeth problems turn out fine! <3

  5. hey, I still have a baby tooth! I'm also missing one tooth entirely on top. the one that is a baby tooth is my left canine, and there's nothing coming down to replace it so I'm in the same boat as you. I'll need a false tooth when it finally comes out. when I was younger I'd tell mom I wanted to get a silver tooth because she would get annoyed, haha.
    for some reason it's never bothered me all that much, though. I think that stems from the impression I got from other kids growing up about how terrifying they found the dentist and orthodontist, and that was something I didnt mind at all. I was pretty comfortable with having my mouth worked on. I guess you could say it made me feel tough and in control. if I could undergo having my mouth mould taken and a retainer, braces, and another retainer, then a trip to the dentist was just a laugh to me!
    this is getting kind of long so yeah. false tooth buddies someday?

  6. THE SAME TOOTH FOR ME TOO! LEFT CANINE!! Yes falsie buddies FOR SURE!! We deff SHOULD get silver. I hope we're rich enough by then. I think it's more the embedded tooth that started the fear, but now the loss of it is even worse... really not sure why. =S I am fine with normal dentist visits like cleanings and such... Oh well. Everyone has their "things" I guess! =D