Friday, March 26, 2010

Asking opinions

Hello! So I'm working on a new body of work. The concept is very freeing for me. Any media, any size. The only criteria is that the imagery comes from a snippet of a comic idea. Some plan that I've had that I've never gotten around to creating into a full length story- or even just a scene that I thought would be awesome, but don't know anything about the plot. The images are turning out to be mostly one- two panels. I'm going to use text when I feel like it. (Unlike how I felt it was taboo in Uni. I'm letting myself be a little more free.)

Here are some examples. I'm looking for any constructive feedback or any thoughts on what they might be of. Or maybe even a story that comes to mind? Any comments are MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank you!! <3

These two would be suspended by fishing line and connected by fishing line- with a space between of say- half an inch? I'm not sure if I want to attach the fishing line behind the images or through the corners. I would like to connect any other related images together in this way. Thoughts?


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