Saturday, May 15, 2010

Painting again

I've been brooding for a long time about what to mail to NL to my PMU cohorts for a cafe feature thingy... so I've finally started painting. I'm going to mail them drawings and some portrait paintings. Exploring myself and my life.

Here is my first acrylic painting. (I've dabbled with them once before on some scrap canvas paper... haha)

Here is a WIP shot. I really need to take advantage of a sunny day, go outside and get some good shots of my larger pieces.

I'm really enjoying the medium. I just need to figure out/fix my earring. =P I miss oils though. I had them figured right through.


  1. Woo! go paiinting! What's this cage thing you will be showing in?

  2. Cafe! Not a cage... although that would be totally cool! ;) It's Brewed Awakening, I do believe, for Pick Me Up Art's Featured artist thing... I think I have the June Slot? I think??

  3. Ahh! that sounds cool. I still have not joined them T_T I need to build my arts.