Monday, February 7, 2011


 Here is an update of my jungle layout... still before proper revisions.

This one on bottom was my first layout ever. I enjoyed working on it. I can't wait to get it painted!


  1. It's kinda cool to see it progress. Think you'll continue to show the second layout on a kind of step by step basis? I find watching something evolve very interesting. Makes me wonder what the first layout looked like before. Makes me wonder what painting will look like!

  2. The second one in this post is the one that is completed... we're painting it now, and I will post what happens to it when it's done!

    The Jungle layout we just passed in today... when I finish my revisions I may put it up again before I paint it! =)

    I like seeing the evolution of work, too. I wish I had worked like this in University!