Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back to her!

 Here is a little something I did today while I had some free time after work! I really enjoyed working on this. We don't have a scanner good enough or big enough to scan this piece, so I had to take a photograph of it. It doesn't do the watercolour justice! But alas, here it is!


  1. Hey, can I comment freely now?
    What I was going to say is how nicely executed your watery ways are. I exspecially love the goatyness of the goat/dog thingy.
    xoxo forever.

  2. Hello!!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I love this one! For some reason when I first saw it, it reminded me of dragon ball, with a little winnie the pooh :) and I LOVE it haha...oh how I miss you and your artsy's.
    <3 xox <3
    Robyn S.