Monday, March 30, 2009

Here are some examples of the work I'm doing for my future application to animation school... Someday. For now, I'm staying in Halifax. Doesn't hurt to get started though, does it?

The portfolio asks for 5 examples of hand and 5 examples of foot drawings. here are some examples!

This one looks kind of "epic"... it was done in watercolour and the scanner elaborated the wavyness of the paper. I left it that way because it made it stand out.

Here is something I drew the other day, I'm thinking about working it up in photoshop as a sort of logo or something. Plans are unfinished at this time.


  1. Hiiii Jilll
    you're applying to animation school? very cool, lady! where will you apply?
    I just wanted to say I think these look great. I particularly like the feet drawings, they're pretty lively lookin'.
    Cheers, Ana

  2. I'm going to be applying to NBCC in Miramichi. They have a very good track record, and I know someone who's done the program and has turned out to be quite successful!

    Thanks Ana! I miss you and how awesome school was. How are you doing??

  3. The third drawing is really dynamic! I love it!

  4. Thanks Gwen! =) I really need to draw more. These examples are almost ALL I've done on my portfolio so far... hahaha I'm so bad at ... doing things.

  5. Ahhhh yes, I remember doing these! Fun, fun, fun! So, you're not applying for this coming semester?

  6. No, I need more money to begin... Actually Crystal, I'm going to facebook message you. I have a couple of questions! =)