Friday, December 11, 2009

Asking for some advice.

Hello, All!

EDIT! I redid my bookcase- Here's the newer image! I worked on angles and trouble areas. Still kind of having trouble with trashcan?!

I'm not a master perspective-creator. So! I've been working on my 2 point perspective piece and so far, this is what I came up with. The instructions are as follows:

"A two-point perspective drawing of a four-shelf bookcase with a minimum of 12 items placed on the shelves. These items should be of various shapes and sizes and should demonstrate your knowledge of drawing cylinders, ellipses, ovals, rectangles, and squares in perspective. You must include a trashcan (circular cross-section) situated somewhere in the environment. Your drawing should fill the entire page."

How can I fulfill these requirements any better? Tips, hints, critiques?

One thing I JUST noticed and I am working on is the structure of the bookshelf, itself. One side is all out too far and crap. I'm working on fixing that now, so other than the entire bookcase itself, what else needs fixing?! haha

Thanks in advance!

Other than that, I've got roughs of 4 of my 6 character drawings, yay!


  1. I'm not sure....I suck at perspective...but the bottom of the trashcan?

  2. Yea, it looks like it should go a bit to the left, right?! Or do you mean at how wonky it looks? I'm so bad at this! You're right though, there's just SOMETHING about that... I'll try to fix it.

  3. It's not so much the whole bookcase as the side and bottom. I second the trashcan, but can't place what about it.

    The only other thing I've noticed is there is something off about the allignment of either the sofa or the window, or both to eachother? I'm not sure what/which but something seems off there - maybe it's how you're trying to draw the depth of the sofa from the wall?

    Also that corner pillar slants the same way the bookcase does (though not as extremely). Perhaps it is why the bookcase was off? Or vice versa.

  4. I suck at two point perspective so I just wanted to add that this is pretty impressive to me so far. :)

  5. Oh! And I think this is all very fixable, but if you did decide to start over fresh, save this one as a blueprint so you can easily spot your problem areas! I find saving old drawings helps me do the new ones better - there's something I can see that I can jump off from.

  6. Another thought, what if you moved the trashcan altogether? It says to do a circular cross-section so what if you got creative and maybe hid a portion of it behind something to create extra depth? Maybe not - but it was a thought.

  7. I was thinking about moving the trashcan, but I didn't really know what circular cross section meant? I think I got the bookcase and the wall fixed up, but I do agree about the window, but I'm not sure why it's not working out. Actually, I think I JUST Figured out my window problem!!!! =D I'm going to try it, and then once I get those things fixed, I'll repost, and then maybe decide something on the trashcan. I was thinking of having something in the foreground, like maybe the corner of my desk, so maybe I'll stick that in too, and see how it looks! Thanks for the help!!!!

  8. Alright.....well the bookshelf looks great to me now. Love the added in desk too! Yay drafting table! ut that grabage can still bothers me. It's the elipticals...elipticals? is that what Coyne always said? or is that an excercise machine..... >,>
    Well you knoe what I mean! the bottom roundy part of the bucket and the top are not the strange eliptical egg shapes they need to be.

  9. Agreed Krystin! I've been working on it, and I think I'm satisfied. I changed it but I can't stand scanning it again, so I'm just gonna deal with it the way it is now. I think it does look better, cause the last time I 'fixed' it, it just kinda looked worse. haha