Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Portfolio Work

I am working on my portfolio. I have compiled a batch of figure drawings I plan on using in my portfolio... Here are some examples!

My portfolio "to do" list now looks as follows:

-1 foot drawing (I'm just sticking with the rest that I have, but I feel I need one more that is a "toes-head-on view.)
-6 drawings of 3 characters (One of them sitting, the next of them in the midpoint between sitting and standing. This one proves difficult.)
-1 two-point perspective drawing of a bookcase with at least 12 items on it. (Showing my sickass skillz.)
-3 more thumbnails for said bookcase.
-1 self portrait in an environment that reflects my personality? Hard.
-5 random artworks... I'm probably just going to pick things I've already done, but selecting will be the hard part. Probably a book I've done, and then an oil painting... So much to think about.

If my portfolio does well, it could save me $12,000 (basically, this includes living/supplies/tuition etc.). BUT if it doesn't do well, that just means I get to do 3 years of school instead of just 2. YAY MORE SCHOOL! I love learning... so either way is a bonus. I just wish money wasn't such a huge issue. Anyway, wish me luck!


  1. good luck Jill! I hope they love you. to little bits. when do you need to have your portfolio sent off by?

  2. It's due May 15th, I have tons of time! I'd like to get it in early, though... first come first serve or whatever! Sigh! I'd love to save some cash... I hate money.

  3. Money is a pain in the *bleeepitybleepbleep*
    Three more years of artschool fun though if it doesn't >,> would be fun!

  4. Yeah, money is the bane of everyone's existence. Le sigh. However, yeah for applications! Lots of luck! Will you keep updating your list of things to include as you get them done?

  5. Yea, I may just repost the list, in a new post! And then it'll be more fresh and ready to go! =) Once I get the new ones photocopied I'll scan them! =)