Monday, January 4, 2010

Digital colour

I'm trying to improve my digital colouring skills. I think I'll do better if I scan in some line-art, but the scanner I currently have is terribad. I am leaning towards buying a new scanner and a new printer, so that maybe, once I get my art rolling, I could sell some amazing prints! But that's all in the distant future.

So anywho, here is a sad fellow, persecuted for standing up for himself. Now in a cage, he is paraded through the dark, gloomy city... ENJOY! <3


  1. is it a boy? or a girl? On an animal toon pretty eyelashes would denote for girl. Looks fun though!

  2. Oh weird, I didn't think of those as eyelashes... It was just a scribble I left there. haha! It DOES look like eyelashes... It is a boy though. With a scribble-eye.