Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Photoshop

Here is a sketch I did and then coloured in Photoshop. I'm trying to work on my colouring skills, but I find I get so bored with it part-way through. I will keep working on it, however, until it becomes easier. =) I really really want Corel Painter 11, but that costs like $400. Sigh, maybe a back to school present? hehe

This is a character from a comic I'm working on with a friend. We should get it up on the web in April? That's when we're hoping for, but I'm thinking it's going to take a lot longer than that. We shall see, though! This character won't be in the comic for a long time, though. She's just my current fav. ( I have a new favorite every couple of days. It just depends who I'm drawing at the time, I think.)


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