Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleaning Up

I decided to clear out my old deviantart gallery and delete it. The username was "Pingu6312" and had been "dead" for about 6 years. It was about time! Here are 4 pieces I saved. They were all done in 2003 when I was about 16-17.

I had a huge crush on a boy. This image was a result... done in watercolour pencils I do believe.

This was inspired by The Dark Crystal movie. Jim Henson and Brian Froud's creations are always fantastic.

This was back when I was seriously into Anthro art. I still kind of am deep down... I find I've really lost my knack for it though. I had started colouring digitally back then. I'm kind of sad I went to university in one TINY way, in that I didn't practice drawing or digitally colouring or anything like that that much. Lots of "high" art but not nearly enough drawing practice. I think that's the one thing I'd change if I could go back in time... practice more.

Was, and still am a huge LotR fan. Hehe My old gallery was filled with Lord of the Rings stuff.

Anyway, I better get back to watermarking my current artwork. Thanks for taking this trip with me down memory lane!


  1. Haha! these are awesome. I love going back through old works and seeing what you'd, done. Won't like, I have some anthro stuff in my teens as well. Mostly I just copied like..Escaflowne though. Loved me some Van.
    Also, same boat.....wish I had drawn more, and practiced more. So many people online with amazing drawing and digital skills that NEVER went to art school ><

  2. I know! It's cause the whole time, they just drew and drew and drew... where as for us, we barely drew, we painted, we sculpted, we printed, we wrote papers, we put together presentations... SO much OTHER than drawing. So sad! I don't think I coloured/drew anything digitally for 5 years... once I started Uni right up til a year after I graduated. So sad!! I am trying to draw more fanart now, cause that seems to help people a lot.

  3. I think fanart is definitely good for practice. Especially where its someones or some characters face that you know really well? you're bound to keep going until you get proportions right and such.
    And just plain if its inspiring to you, you'll want to draw it!
    Me, I want to do a Doctor Who portrait.

  4. Do it! =D Today will be "drawing day" for me. And also- "Scanning and updating her blog day."