Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funnyish story.

I had this big plan today in which I would practice my markers and then practice my photoshopping. I started with marker... found out that there's a right and wrong side of the marker paper. I scanned in my drawing and my practice ended up being solely Photoshop oriented.

Katara and Aang.. adulty-ness. In some weird place. Yes.

Edit: I like it better without a background!


  1. I love playing with photoshop. I discover new things all the time.

    Very sweet pose.

  2. Thanks! I am hoping to learn more about making people look like they take up space. I draw so flat!

    I've started watermarking all my stuff. This is going to take forever!

  3. Ugh. I can't believe that even happened. What's good for you though is that they admitted to doing it, which at least let you know the watermarking was necessary.

    I'm a very flat drawer myself. I've found ways to use it to my advantage, but I do need to work on rounding things out better. I suck at the whole making a background with objects that have depth thing. You seem to be catching on to tricks for doing that more and more all the time. I'm somewhere left of nowhere with that. Haha.