Sunday, July 4, 2010


My first piece using markers on actual marker paper. Wee fanart of Hitomi from Vision of Escaflowne. LOVE that anime.

Third try: Katara from the cartoon: Avatar- The Last Airbender. My current fav cartoon("anime?").

A Jelly. My second try with the makers on marker paper. I was trying out blending. It didn't work as well as I had hoped.

Random watercolour on crappy watercolour paper. I like the colours, though.

This was my latest work using markers. I really like it! Birds on a Wire.

And a lovely angry man that will belong to my bbfitww, Alicia! For her Birthday. <3 Or whatever holiday comes up. Haha.


  1. The angry man is awesome. I really like seeing you experiment with different things. And I too am a big fan of the Escaflowne anime. I own the movie (which is a whole different beast from the series).

  2. I love both the series and the movie! I need to buy both, but I'm going to wait til I have space to keep it in. I have soooo many dvds and nowhere to put them! I can't wait to buy a house. hahaha

  3. I too have no space. I can't find the series locally, and I'm too cheap for internet purchase. lol